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e-motion push-rim activated power assist

New Generation – e-motion M15

The only Power Assist on the market powered by long lasting Lithium Ion Technology – 3 x more range!

New Ergonomic Control System (ECS) that customizes the e-motion M15 to the users needs!

The Best and Only True Power Assist Available!

See the e-motion videos!

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Electric Drive for Manual Wheelchairs!
The perfect solution for children and adults!

E.Fix combines safety and technology in this innovative lightweight power add-on system for manual wheelchairs. With E.Fix installed, wheelchairs remain foldable and portable. Users can easily switch from power to manual operation with a quick turn of the wheel hubs. The ergonomic joystick controller indicates battery capacity on a back lit LCD panel. Components are quick release making E.Fix an ideal travel partner.


Climb stairs in your own wheelchair!
A perfect solution for children and adults!

Scalamobil is a battery operated portable stair climber that attaches to most manual wheelchairs. This innovative device can ascend or descend almost any type of stair from spiral staircases to wood or stone step surfaces without wear and tear. No modifications or installations to existing building structures required.

Scalamobil is compact and lightweight making it ideal to transport and store.

See the brand new Scalamobil video!

The Duet

The Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem
Spring Into Summer Sale!

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The “Go-Anywhere” Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem

The DUET is a colorfully designed wheelchair tandem that combines the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design. It provides recreational opportunity no other product can provide!

Enjoy the great outdoors like never before with the “go-anywhere” ruggedness of The DUET!

The Duet - Spring Sale!

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