The Duet Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem

The DUET Wheelchair Bicycle Tandem has been around for 20+ years in North America. Our experienced staff is dedicated to help you pick the right model Duet for you and your loved one to get you outside and start enjoying the out doors like never before!

The DUET accommodates "kids" from ages 2 to 99+ and all sizes from 20 to 275 pounds! The DUET is offered in 3 models. Each are colorfully designed and combined the latest in cycle technology with advanced wheelchair design enabling easy and comfortable pedaling to ensure maximum maneuverability with minimum effort. The wheelchair's low center of gravity provides superior weight distribution and overall stability. The DUET wheelchair seat supports the back in a natural position and aids in passenger relaxation. Most importantly, the cyclist can easily communicate and supervise the wheelchair passenger while facing forward. It’s the exhilaration of the wind brushing by your face as friends and family ride together. Once you’ve reached your destination the wheelchair disconnects and can be used independently!

You’ll see smiles everywhere your go on The DUET! Let’s get you outside today.

Great Bike Giveaway

Friendship Circle of Michigan’s 5th Annual Great Bike Giveaway is now underway and this year’s will be bigger than ever! Their mission is to raise awareness for the need of adaptive bikes and provide as many of them as possible. Last year they were able to provide bikes for 145 kids and teens. This year’s goal is to give away 600 adaptive bikes, ensuring no child misses out on the freedom, confidence and therapeutic benefits that come with bike riding.

Riding an adaptive bike provides invaluable therapeutic benefits and a sense of inclusion where a child with special needs can ride a bike with their family and friends. This year, let’s make sure no child misses out on the freedom of riding their very own special bike!

This year we are a part of this amazing giveaway with the our tandem the Duet Economy.

Registration now CLOSED for 2016

There are 10,000 ambassador's for the #greatbikegiveaway. If every ambassador got 6 people to donate just $25.00 the Friendship Circle of Michigan would raise $1,500,000.00 and all 600 kids would receive a bike!!!

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