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The Best and Only True Power Assist Available!
New Generation – e-motion M15

The only Power Assist on the market powered by long lasting Lithium Ion Technology – 3 x more range!

New Ergonomic Control System (ECS) that customizes the e-motion M15 to the users needs!

  • Rollback delay! Prevents the wheelchair from rolling back while climbing inclines or ramps
  • Two power assistance levels
  • Battery capacity indicator
  • 10 programmable parameters
  • Self-diagnosis for easy trouble shooting

e-motion M15 fits most manual wheelchairs new or existing on the market.

It’s so easy:

The e-motion power-assisted wheel is mounted on the wheelchair in place of the manual wheels. The batteries are integrated in the wheel hub and can be removed from a sitting position. A sensor registers the propelling movement and activates the electrical motors.

Ideal for tranportation:

Easy to dismantle and ideal for transportation.

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