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Orion  Twin Tandem

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Not everyone is able to safely ride a bike even a tricycle. But with the ORION Side by Side Tandem everyone can ride a "bike" and pedal on their own. No balancing necessary, no tipping over and all under the watchful eye of the driver.


Encouraging the passenger to help pedaling thus providing therapy, exercise and the simple joy of riding a "bike".


The adaptable seating that slides like a car seat and even swivels makes transfers easy. Also, NO stepping over a bike frame when getting on the ORION.


Passengers with a variety of special needs, vision impaired, stroke patients, autistic or people suffering from MS all benefit from using the ORION. 

ORION is available with or without a pedal assist motor in the front wheel. The motor turns on when you start pedaling and has 3 power levels and 3 brake levels.

ORION comes standard with passenger pedal adjustment option controlled by driver:

    1. freewheel for passenger

    2. pedal and freewheel for passenger

    3. fully locked pedal mode for passenger

This feature enables you to select what is best for the passenger and adjust to his or her ability.

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The motorized version comes with:

  • 250 Watt powerful high torque direct drive motor

  • Powerful 36V, 11AH battery and battery charger;

  • Seat belt and upper body harness are available;

  • Swivel passenger seat is standard;

  • Driver and passenger seats slide back and forth similar to a car seat;

  • Parking brake operated by driver;

  • Light system front and back;

  • Hydraulic brakes for the rear brakes;

  • Independent front brake;

  • Rear axle differential for easy turning.

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